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Your Website and Domain Names

It is important for all businesses to at least be able to communicate via email even if you do not believe you need a website. We would however recommend you consider the following points when deciding what is best for you and your business.

Virtually all businesses now communicate via email for the following reasons

  • Simplicity
  • Cost Effective - you will need an internet connection
  • Image
  • Sharing data - emailing files and information instantaneously

Should you register your domain name and email address now?

We strongly recommend you register your domain name at the time of incorporation for the following reasons -

  • Secure the domain name that is the same as your new company name if it is available. Don't risk it being taken by the time you get around to it.
  • Business stationery can be created with email addresses and website address immediately - no costly amendments to business cards at a later date!
  • Your business image will be greatly improved if you operate using your own domain name rather than an email address provided by your internet service provider. For example, if we register your company called NEWCO LIMITED and you use your BT internet email address newco@btinternet.com your clients immediately know you do not have your own domain name or website. By registering the domain name newco.co.uk you can use an email address such as sales@newco.co.uk
  • A simple one page website can be created until you are ready to arrange a more comprehensive website but there are many cost effective website providers.

Website Marketing and design

You do not necessarily require a large site. In fact even a one, two or three page site is sufficient to get you on your way. The beauty of a website is that it can be easily modified or built upon.