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Who are Small Firms Services?

Who are small firms services?Small Firms Services Ltd (SFS) was established in 1998 by Small Business Advisors. In our day to day dealings with small businesses we identified a need for clear and concise information on how to start your own business and specifically how to register your new company. Since then Small Firms Services has developed rapidly and this is largely attributed to reputation based on our belief that maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and customer service is a top priority.

Speak to a trained company formation agent
When you contact SFS you will speak directly to a member of our customer support team who can assist you with your company formation and all other related services. No call centres, no automated phone system and no receptionists. All of our team are trained to answer most of your questions and have years of experience to call upon.

Our team consists of graduates and experienced business advisors that are all trained to answer your questions. When starting your business or looking for support services for your existing company you can confidently speak to our team for clear, concise, free advice on all your business start up needs.

The important legal information

  • Small Firms Services Limited was registered as a limited company on 29th October 1998 with registered number 3658573. You can check this with Companies House.
  • We are a registered electronic filing partner with Companies House. You can verify this with Companies House.
  • We are a registered business at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for the legalisation of documents.
  • We are registered under Money Laundering Regulations.
  • We are registered under the Data Protection Act. We ensure all of your details are held securely.
  • Your contact details will never be given to any third party unless you have expressly requested we do so or we are required to by law.
  • The owners and directors of this company are proud of the service we provide and the reputation we have within the industry.  


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