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Where should you show your registered office address?

There are several places that your registered office address should be shown.

Stationery and paperwork-

- all the company’s business letters,
- all notices and other official publications,
- all bills of exchange, promissory notes, endorsements, cheques, orders for money or goods purporting to be signed by or on behalf of the company, and
- all bills of parcels, invoices, receipts, letters of credit.


Following the introduction of the Companies Act 2006 it is now a legal requirement to display your company’s registered office address on your website. Most people will put this on their contact page. If you have a trading address that is different to the registered office address then this should be made clear to avoid any confusion for your website visitors.

In addition, the company’s business letters, order forms and websites have to include further details, i.e.
- the company’s place of registration and the number with which it is registered,
- the address of its registered office,
- in the case of an investment company, the fact that it is such a company, and
- in the case of a limited company exempt from the obligation to use the word "limited" as part of its name, the fact that it is a limited company should be clearly stated.

Mail Forwarding Services

SFS also offer a full mailing service if you would like to use our address for all your company's correspondence. For full details follow this link to our Virtual Office Services page.

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