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We have selected just a few of our clients comments to display on this site. If we decide to publish your comments we will only include your initials and town of residence. If you would like to comment on the service you have received from SFS please drop us an email using the following link -

Email SFS your comments

What our clients have to say about our services and products -

I am writing to let you know how delighted I was with your service when I formed my company. I was so impressed, I also passed on your details to a partner who formed his company with you. Please accept my sincere appreciation and commendation of your company! - Mr anwar

I just wanted to say I am in receipt of our company stamp. Gosh it is lovely, I am so happy, beautifully made. Thank you so much. - Paula from Barnsley

I would like to say how much I appreciate your speed and completeness of responses today, which reflects your company web site and the conclusion of my own Internet research on companies providing your service - and my resulting reason for calling you. - J.S. from Thailand

Spoke to you earlier this afternoon re. company incorporation.

Just wanted to say thank you for your help and advice. Your manner was professional, efficient and non patronising which was much appreciated. The advice you gave was clear and succinct. As far as I'm concerned, your attitude and approach was what influenced my decision to use your company over the many others on the internet.

Thank you very much. - K.P. from Dorset

Thank you for the confirmation of status. Obviously we are in good hands -- namely yours. - S.R. from France

Thanking you for an excellent service - it has really been appreciated. In short: You folks know what service is all about! - P.H. from Norway

Thank you SFS for your friendly and informative advice. I learnt more by speaking to one of your advisers for 5 minutes than I did searching the Internet for hours. I was also very impressed with the standard of company documents I received.

Thanks again. - G.D. from Basingstoke

I am not based in UK and wanted a UK company. Now have company with SFS Secretary and   registered office in London . Service provided was perfect. Thank you - R.L. from Munich

I found the help most friendly and informative and staff well experienced. Incorporated company with speed and ease whilst being at an attractive cost. I could not believe documents arrived the following day! A very recommended service!! - N.R. from Scunthorpe

Professional and competitively priced, I have now ordered more than 10 companies from SFS and it is a pleasure to work with you. Keep up the good work. - B.D Accountant from London

Your company secretary service gives me great peace of mind, when ever I need some assistance or advice I simply pick up the phone and you answer my questions. Thank you - P.J. from Oxford

I ordered a company seal and red wafers which arrived very promptly. Good products, excellent price, affable telestaff - T.H. from Edinburgh

This is just a small selection of some of our clients feed back. If you would like to comment on our service please email us or call 0845 330 2717

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