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Nominee Secretary Service

SFS can provide a nominee company secretary for your private limited company. We have many years experience acting as secretary for hundreds of companies so you can feel confident we have the required knowledge to perform this role.

The nominee company secretary service is ideal for companies that do not wish to be burdened with administrative responsibilities. Traditionally the company secretary is responsible for filing documents with Companies House and submitting the AR01 Annual return. Using our service means that the directors of a company can benefit from the excellent support of a professional company. For non-UK residents this service often proves invaluable as SFS take care of Companies House administration for them.

The key benefits of using our Nominee Secretary service are -

Operating a Limited Company with a sole director

The Companies Act no longer requires a minimum of two officers to be appointed. However as a sole director company it is likely that secretarial matters are not one of your priorities. If you are in business on your own taking on the role of company secretary may be one more problem to outsource. The team at SFS can help as we know the legal obligations and responsibilities of a company secretary.

Support and advice

SFS will be on hand for the full 12 months the service operates. We do not limit our advice to purely company secretary matters, we will always do our best to advise on any business related matter we can.

Professional Secretary Service

We have a vast experience of providing a nominee secretary service to hundreds of companies so you can be sure you will receive a professional service. We will also offer advice on making changes to your company that requires specialist knowledge of preparing resolutions based on the Companies Act.

Processing the Annual Return

Our annual fee includes the cost of processing the company's Annual Return each year. Our one off fee is all inclusive for the 12 month period with no hidden charges.

Signing documents

At times through the year the company secretary may be required to sign documents. Our secretary service does not charge per signature, we are happy to sign documents with the directors instruction and will return them to you using normal postal services within the UK or overseas.

All inclusive price

Our fee is a one off annual payment. We do not charge for general company secretary services through out the year unlike some secretarial companies.

We do not have to form your company, we can act for existing companies

If you have an existing company we are happy to take on the role of company secretary. We can form your limited company for you, if required, and by doing so would record all the required detail of our secretary in your new company paperwork from day one. If you prefer to use another agent or your company has already been registered this is not a problem. Simply contact us with your company details and we will arrange the appointment of our company secretary.

Nominees for Charitable Companies

We are also able to offer the same nominee secretary service to companies limited by guarantee. All of the above benefits still apply and the price is the same.

Pricing for Nominee Company Secretary Service

Description of service

 Annual Cost excluding VAT

Nominee Secretary for 12 months to include -

  • Arranging appointment of our nominee
  • Assessment of company's filing status at time of appointment to ensure everything is in order at Companies House
  • Filing the Company's Annual Return for no additional charge
  • Business advice throughout the year when possible
  • No hidden charges!


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