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London Registered Office Address Service

Details of our London Registered Office

Your UK Limited Company can use our London Registered Office Address for 12 months for as a little as £60 + vat.

The address we provide is -

Your company name, Crown House, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX


 - 12 months registered office service for only £60.00 + vat

(If you want us to forward your mail overseas there is an additional charge of £30 + vat per year)


Or return to the Registered Office home page


Benefits of using our Registered Office Service

Our London Registered Office address will be recorded at Companies House and used by HM Revenue & Customs. All official government mail from these organisations will be forwarded to your designated address. We will also display your company name outside of our offices as required by law.

Why use our service? Your company's registered office address is available for public viewing over the internet free of charge. There are many websites that collect data from Companies House and provide this information freely. In addition to you lack of privacy this can also lead to your address being targeted for junk mail! Use our address and we intercept the Junk for you and you retain your privacy. This is especially useful if you work from home.

Do you want to give the impression your company is larger than it really is? By using our registered office address and your own address as a trading address it gives the impression that you operate from two locations.

Prestige! If your own address is perhaps a little uninspiring why not take advantage of the choice of addresses we have available and impress your customers. What picture does the following address conjure up? Station Square, Coventry. Or how about a location in the capital? Crown House, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London. All of our address are genuine business addresses.

Do you want your company registered in Scotland? If you want to be a Scottish registered company and governed by Scottish law then you will need a registered address in Scotland. We can provide you with a prestigious address in Edinburgh. Follow this link for further information on Scottish company formation.

For UK companies owned by overseas residents it is a legal requirement to have a UK registered address where official government mail can sent.

How the Service Works

Our address is recorded at Companies House

We display your company name at the entrance to our premises

We will forward all mail classed as registered office mail, this is typically -

  • Mail from Government Departments such as HMRC and Companies House
  • Mail from Legal practitioners and Courts

The address can not be used as a general correspondence address for your company, if this service is required follow this link to our Virtual Office Services page.

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Any questions or to order now - contact us