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Events and Information About SFS

Small Firms Services are continuously growing and adding new services. We support tens to thousands of companies every year. Therefore we try to keep customers informed on changes that may be of interest.


The following links will take you to our webpages for further information about news and events relating to SFS and our services-

Keeping company registers rules 2009

New registered office rules 2008

New Underage Director rules 2008

New Corporate Director rules 2008

New Accounting Deadlines and Fines 2008

Companies House Closure February 2008

Anti Money Laundering Regulations 2007

SFS Welcome Another New Team Member

SFS Christmas Opening Hours 2007

August 2007 Bank Holiday Opening Hours

Opening hours for Easter 2007

SFS Christmas donation instead of cards

Christmas 2006 Opening Hours

August 2006 Bank Holiday Opening Times for SFS

SFS Welcome New Member

May Bank Holiday Opening Times for SFS

Easter 2006 Opening Times for SFS

SFS Reduce Company Formation Costs

Christmas Opening Times for SFS

Coventry Offices Now Open

New Offices for SFS

Inland Revenue - Form 42 Regulations


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