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Scottish Registered Office Service

Jun 11, 2013 by admin

Starting a new company in Scotland requires that you provide a Scottish Registered Office to Companies House at the time of incorporation. Many of our customers choose to use our Edinburgh registered office when forming their company.

Why do people use our service?


Companies House register of companies is freely available to all members of the public. If you search a company name online you will find many websites that make public a company’s address. If you want to run your business from home you may not want your home address included on other peoples websites and the register at Companies House.



You may operate your business in England or outside of the UK but want to register a company in Scotland. This can be of benefit if supplying goods or services that are typically supplied by Scottish businesses. For example a kilt manufacturer, Scottish guide book supplier, or a highlands tour service may want be ‘registered in Scotland’.



You may frequently change address or regularly travel whilst running your business. Using our address provides you with peace of mind that your company address remains constant at all times.


Rented accommodation

If you operate your business from home you may find that your landlord will not allow you to register a company at the address. Using our address solves this problem and also means you can move to a new rented accommodation without changing your company address at Companies House.


Need a registered office for a Scottish Company? We are happy to let you use our address.

Whether forming a new company or changing the address of an existing business we are pleased to provide our address. The address is also available to LLPs registered in Scotland.


For more information and to order online visit our Scottish Registered Office page.