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Director's Service Addresses - Companies Act 2006

director's service addressOne of the most significant changes introduced by the Companies Act 2006 is the use of a service address by directors. From 1 October 2009 Companies House will record two addresses for all company directors.

1. The director’s usual residential or home address.
2. A service address

The home address will only be made available to government organisations and credit reference agencies that need to conduct credit checks and fulfil money laundering regulations. It is not available on the public register. The service address will be placed on the public register.

This will provide enable company directors to keep their home address out of the public domain if they wish.

We can provide company directors with a service address for only £30 per annum. For more information on this service visit our directors service address page – Click here for more information.

Background Information

Prior to 1 October 2009 all directors had to record their home address at Companies House unless they had a confidentiality order in place. This information was available to anyone contacting Companies House by internet and telephone. In addition to this many online services sold this information as a service by accessing Companies House records.

The Companies Act 2006 has changed this. From 1 October 2009 Companies House will only provide a director’s service address to members of the general public and other service providers that have traditionally sold the information. This allows company director’s to protect their home address from public view. By using a service address in addition to their home address company directors are now provided some protection from unsolicited contact.

Will companies registered before 1 October 2009 use two addresses?

Yes. Any company previously registered will also have two addresses recorded at Companies House. By default the existing residential address on record will be declared as both the home address and the service address. All company directors will be able to change their service address to an alternative address from 1 October 2009.

Who will have access to a director’s home address?

Only government organisations conducting public duties and credit reference agencies will have access to this information.

Why do credit reference agencies have access to the home address?

Nearly all UK companies require a UK business bank account to manage the company money. UK banks usually conduct a credit check on company directors before opening an account, especially if credit facilities will be required. In addition banks are required to complete money laundering checks on company officers.

Will a company director still need to supply their home address to Companies House?

Yes. Directors will not be allowed to supply a service address as their home address. It is a legal requirement for a director to supply both a home address and a service need to Companies House.

Can the service address be the director’s home address?

Yes. In many cases director’s may simply supply their home address as their service address. This is a personal choice that needs to be made by the director.

Can a director use the company’s registered office address as a director’s service address?

Yes. You can declare the business registered office address as the service address. The address must be genuine location and accessible.

Can a director make up a service address or use a fictitious address?

No. Any director that is found to be using an address that is deemed to be ineffective may find their residential address placed on the public register as the service address. Any ineffective address may be banned from use as a service address for 5 years.

How much does it cost to change your address?

There is currently no fee charged by the registrar to update address records.

Summary of changes

Companies now provide two addresses to Companies House. A service address for the public record and their home address which is only supplied to specific organisations. All directors will have two address from 1 October 2009 and these can be updated at anytime. There is no fee paid to Companies House to change your address.

How do I order your director's service address?

We can provide company directors with a service address for only £30 per annum per director. For more information on this service visit our directors service address page – Click here for more information.

Further information on Companies Act 2006 changes is available here - Nominee Directors

Any questions or to order now - Contact us