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Company Formation Facts

company formation factsWith so much information online and many incorrect websites we have put together some information on the facts you need to know when registering a company.

The basic information required.

To form your company you will need the following information-

  • A unique company name that is not already registered
  • UK address for the company’s registered office
  • One person to act as company director
  • One shareholder to hold at least one share in the company

Our company formations include all costs.

When forming a company online with SFS all costs are included in our company formation charges. This includes the government fee to Companies House, our charges and vat. No hidden costs or nasty add on fees.

Free re-submissions.

If for any reason your company is rejected by Companies House we will assist you in re-submitting the application. We do not charge for re-submitting companies and helping you to complete the details correctly. Free support and free advice.

Company formation only takes 2 to 3 hours.

The majority of limited companies that we form are completed in less than 3 hours. We often see companies formed in less than this time with the quickest company registration taking just over 20 minutes. However, we must stress that processing times are beyond our control. When you order a company from SFS we submit the incorporation immediately. From this point on the processing time is dependent on Companies House and can occasionally be delayed. For example your application may be delayed by lack of staff at Companies House, technical problems, or an error in your application. We will always work on your behalf to minimise delays where possible.

Get all your legal documents.

Do not be tricked by cheap company formation agents that do not supply all of your legal documents. Our formation packages include all of your legal documents. Make sure you get the following documents-

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Combined Company Register (Statutory Books)
  • First Minutes
  • Share Certificates

When SFS form a company you have all the company formation documents you need. Do not react to any unsolicited contact from unrelated services suggesting you need further documentation. If you have the above documentation you have everything you need.

For more facts on starting a new company visit our other fact pages.