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Companies House - an explanation

Companies house is an executive agency of the Department of Trade and Industry. The business of Companies House is the registration and provision of company information for approximately 2 million companies in the United Kingdom. Their task is a mammoth one as they process millions of documents every year in order to keep company records up to date.

Much of the information kept is provided online, some free and some you have to pay for. They also distribute a range of useful booklets about the regulatory framework concerning the registration and running of a company plus at their website there are links to all the other government departments that you may wish to contact.

In addition to company registration and information services all the forms are provided so that company directors and secretaries can report statutory information about their companies that is then made available to the public audience. Systems are also being implemented so that much of this filing information can be presented online.

If Companies House can advise on the statutory requirements of registration and running a company you may ask yourself why you should use an agent like Small Firms Services Ltd to register a company.

There are several reasons:

  • They cannot and will not advise on the wider issues of tax, risk avoidance, etc.
  • They do not supply alternatives to the Memorandum and Articles of Association, a pre-requisite for registration of a new company.
  • They do not provide advice when registering a new company.
  • For company directors and secretaries that wish to retain some privacy they neither provide registered office facilities nor directors service addresses
  • As a company registration agent, Small Firms Services Limited provides company registration services including name search, FREE advice, all documentation and legal services at competitive prices starting from £33.34 including the government fee of £13 and VAT.

    As a subscriber to Companies House Direct, Small Firms Services Limited provides a range of company information services. We can find out quickly about the officers and accounts of any registered company with which you may wish to do business.

    If you wish to discuss your needs without obligation or cost then call 0844 815 0909 and talk to one of our Company Advisers. However if you prefer to talk first to Companies House they can be contacted on 0303 1234500.
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