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Articles of Interest

SFS Business and Accounting Articles of Interest

Here at SFS we recognise the need for companies to have access to information and articles that may be of interest to them. Therefore we have selected the following business articles for publication on our website. However we must add that these articles are provided as a resource and are not always written by ourselves.

Changes to LLP Accounting - Information on changes to accounting and auditing requirements for LLP's

Changes to Income Tax - Information about the changes to income Tax and NIC

Glossary of Insolvency Terms

Articles of Interest Archives

April 2006  May 2006

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Please check this page regularly for updates and new articles that you may find of interest. Do not contact SFS with unsolicited requests for articles to be published.

If you wish to use any of the Articles from our website on your own site please make sure that there is a crawlable link back to our website included with the article.

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