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Advice on Choosing Your Company Seals and Embossers

We supply a range of company seals that all perform the basic function of embossing your documents with your preferred text. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to each type of company seal. Below we have tried to provide you with a brief guide to which company seal is right for you.

Hand Held Plier Type Company Seal

This is the industry standard basic type of company seal. They are all made the same way throughout the industry
It is cheap (we will not be beaten on price)
Lightweight and suitable for carrying in a pocket, suitcase, holdall etc.
It is supplied with a free blue plastic wallet for storage

This company seal is suitable for standard paper up to 100gsm. We do not recommend that this embosser is purchased for heavier papers
The seal only reaches approximately 15mm (about half an inch) into the paper. If you need to reach further this is not the seal for you
The seal is designed for occasional use. If you want a seal for daily use we would recommend the cast aluminium company seal as it is more robust
It is not a free standing company seal

Desk Top Plier Company Seal

This is the same product as the hand held plier type seal except that it is mounted on a wooden base. This means that it is free standing on your shelf or desk
It is cheaper than other free standing company seals
It does not take up too much room

Whilst it can be transported in a bag it does not fit in a pocket easily
It has limited reach, and is suitable for occasional use as with the hand held version
It is only suitable for standard papers up to 100gsm

Desktop Cast Aluminium Company Seal

Embosses up to 200gsm papers and lightweight cards
It is a robust product that is suitable for regular use
Sturdy desk top product that looks good
Improved reach. It will reach virtually all areas on an A4 sheet of paper

It is not really suitable for regular transporting. It may not be too heavy but it is bulkier than the hand held plier type seal

Deluxe Black and Gold Company Seal

It is the preferred choice of professionals as it looks good. This embosser is seen on most solicitors and notaries desks
It embosses up to 200gsm paper and lightweight cards
It can reach virtually anywhere on a sheet of A4
It is robust and suitable for regular use

Not ideal for regular transportation. It can be easily carried but it is not lightweight and it will not fit in a pocket

To purchase any of our company seals online use the following link Company Seals.

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