Things to Consider When Having Fire Pits Outdoor 

A lot of home owners always want to grill in their back yards especially if you’re an outdoor type of person. When you’re an outdoor type of person fire pits that is build outdoors will keep you warm at night. With a good landscaping design with fire pits in the middle will set the mood of the cold night into warm cozy feeling.  

Having Fire

What does it take for a fire pit outdoors? Outdoor fire pits in Birmingham provides outdoor fire pit service. We offer high quality and durable materials to keep your fire pit long lasting. 

If you’re planning to have one you’ll have to consider the following:  


What will you consider to have a fire pit outdoors? Well the first thing that will pop out on our mind is our budget. Is it expensive to get one? How much will it cost? Most of the people will think that way but it’s cheap to get a fire pit outdoors, for as low as two hundred dollars you can get a small fire pit outdoors that you want. Just dig a hole and buy the stones all by yourself you can create a small fire pit outdoors. But if you want it extravagant you will need to spend thousands of dollars, especially if seats are added. 


Where will I put my fire pit? If you have neighbors near you, at least 10 foot distance from your house and your neighbors house so that you will pass the fire department safety rules. It should be away from trees, fences and other structures that are combustible with fire. If you want to make sure just visit the fire department so that they could instruct you for the safest location inside your yard. 

Will it be permanent or portable? 

Make up your mind, would you like your fire pits be permanent in your garden or would you like it to be light weight where in you could bring it where the action is. For built in permanent fire pit, you have to consider the design of your garden. It should be match for a pleasant looking fire pits you could contact your local landscapers to set it up for you. Compared to permanent fire pit, portable fire pit is made of light materials because it is design to be hand carry everywhere you go. Usually portable fire pits are made of stainless steel or copper, it is made lighter for the purpose of carrying it. 

Safety Tips 

When you’re lighting a fire pit, always check the wind direction when you light it up the fire might catch you, something or somebody else. Make that no one is near you at least 3 feet when you light the fire.  Avoid using light material woods cause it may pop and spark that can cause ignition. Throwing your ashes might carry a fire hazard makes sure when you throw your ashes you splash it with water so that fire will be avoided. 

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