FLOOD is my new 32 page full colour comic, launched at Glasgow Comic Con. It's a beauty!!

THE GOLEM is my Hammer Horror tribute - a Gothic tale of jealousy and revenge.

You can now order FLOOD,THE GOLEM and MEDUSA in the Graphite Fiction shop.

Read about Medusa in the Forbidden Planet blog.

"Kent's art is pretty special. Medusa will repay several readings."

The Skinny December 2009

"Artist and writer Chris Kent has produced a strong piece of complex work.Using collage, photo and painted art, Medusa has a unique look for a haunting tale of loss and longing. Visually strong, the black and white art captures a humanity in this nightmarish tale.Medusa is never less than intriguing. We eagerly await his future projects".

The List January 2010

"A highly unusual, deeply disturbing, dark tale".

Joe Gordon, Forbidden Planet Blog

"Chris Kent’s distraught debut is a book that gets under your skin".

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